Salt Marsh

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Saltmarsh is a small village of just over 100 souls perched around a small natural harbor. The town is near a large marshy area next to the sea, a lowland to the south of the town with reeds and marshes which lends it name to the area and the village.

West of the village stands the mansion on a rapidly rising cliff over the sea. At the base of the cliff is a rocky pile that is wet with constantly crashing waves.This part of the island faces into the ocean but some other islands are still visible in the misty distance at the
edges of vision.

The island that Saltmarsh is set on is one of the larger ones of the Shattered Isle, about thirty miles across. The island its self only rises as high as four hundred feet on the south side with forested, wind-swept hills.

The primary business on the island is fishing, although there are merchants who have settled here as a home when they aren’t on the seas shipping goods and people.

The Saltmarsh its self is several dozen miles across and in times of high waters and storms is mostly submerged in the seas. It is a good spot for ocean shore herbs. It is also somewhat dangerous to travel in because the ground is unsafe and soft. Small trees grow on low hillocks surrounded by reeds and low growing plants, with few solid areas. Most of the Saltmarsh is mud
several feet deep which makes travel very slow.

Salt Marsh

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